Funko POP! Mad Max Fury Road 7-Pak Bundle

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Funko POP! Movies Mad Max Fury Road 7-Pak Bundle: Mad Max, Furiosa, Immortan Joe, Nux Shirtless, Coma-Doof, Valkyrie and Capable as stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Figures stand 3 3/4 inches and come in window display boxes. You are buying a 7-pak with a 1:6 chance to get Immortan Joe CHASE and a 1:6 chance to get Furiosa CHASE instead.

“Oh what a day! What a Lovely Day!”

Pop! Movies: Mad Max Fury Road

This series of Pop! vinyl features War Boy Nux, The Valkyrie, Coma Doof the blind guitarist, Lord of the Citadel Immortan Joe, his wife Capable, and Furiosa – complete with steering wheel to drive the war rig. In addition, Max himself! Look for the chase variants of Immortan Joe and Furiosa. Each a rarity of 1-in-6!


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