Scott, Gary & Andrew are collectors with a dream: to help others build truly epic collections with hard-to-find items. Located in the U.S. and Canada, we opened February 2017 to serve the world’s collectors.
We are three collectors with years of experience and knowledge. The site is hosted on Woocommerce with the latest security technology engaged. We use a .co address to signify “company”. This new site is even more secure and easier to navigate. We get our items directly from Funko and other official distributors, then ship then safely to you
Unfortunately no, this is a new shop, hosted on a new site. We felt is was safer for all to leave your information secure on the old server…and start fresh with this one. This shop will do a much better job of tracking your orders so please create your new account and enjoy.

We still have access to the old site and will be shipping your pre-orders out as they arrive. If you have any questions, email us: [email protected]

Pre-Orders are charged immediately. This avoids any surprises down the line and ensures you will get your order as quickly as possible.
In-stock items usually ship within 48 hours. Pre-Orders depend on when they are released from Funko or other distributor. Storage is limited, our goal is to get shipments out as quickly as possible.
Anything we get from Funko that is less than “near mint” is replaced. This may cause a small delay while we fix the problem before we ship to you.

Some hard-to-get items are “as is”. Vaulted, Pop Asia and a few others are nearly impossible to replace. If there is shelf wear or other damage, it will be listed in the item’s post.

Out goal is to securely package items in great condition and get them to you safely. Should anything happen during shipping, most packages are insured and a claim can be filed. Let us know and we can help.
Before we put anything up for sale, it is either in-hand or confirmed to be coming from Funko or another distributor. Delays happen that are out of our control but your order will be filled as soon as possible. In the very rare event we cannot fill your order, you will receive a full refund.

This new site does a great job of tracking your order, don’t forget to create an account to take full advantage.

Unfortunately no. We do not have the storage space, maybe one day.

But, look out for Scott, Gary and Andrew, they do lots of trading and sales from their personal collections.

We are on just about all social media @PopGeekCo

You can buy items directly from our Facebook page:

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