PopGeek Upcoming Release Calendar

All dates are subject to change, postal delays and other unforeseen circumstances.
These are the dates we expect the items. As delivery time gets closer, dates will be updated.
Links lead to pre-orders, which tend to sell out…order early.


-POP! Buffy 25th – arriving soon
-POP! Cornvelious Daniel – arriving soon
-POP! One Piece – arriving soon


-POP! Cuphead – late Feb/early March
-POP! Emperor’s New Groove – arriving soon
-POP! God Of War – mid Feb
-VYNL Harley & Joker – early Feb
-POP! Lord Of The Rings S3 – late Feb
-POP! James Bond – arriving soon
-POP! RIDES James Bond – early Feb
-POP! Minecraft – early Feb
-POP! Mr. Bean – early Feb
-POP! Ni No Kuni – early Feb
-POP! RIDES Night King on Dragon – early Feb
-POP! Rick & Morty S4 – mid Feb
-POP! Royal Family – late Feb
-POP! Saga – late Feb
-POP! Stranger Things S4 – late Feb
-POP! Teen Titans Go! S3 – mid Feb
-POP! Teen Titans Go! TNBTS – late Feb
-POP! The Walking Dead – early Feb
-POP! Tommy Boy – late Feb/early March


-POP! Care Bears – late March
-POP! DELUXE Chewbacca in AT-ST – early March
-POP! David S. Pumpkins – late March
-POP! Overwatch Series 3 – late March*


-DORBZ Bazooka Joe Specialty Series – mid April
-POP! Marvel Gwenom – late April*
-POP! Hellboy with crown Specialty Series – mid April


-POP! Destiny Series 2 – late May*
-POP! Garbage Pail Kids – late May
-VYNL IT Pennywise & Georgie – mid May


-POP! Halo – TBA*

* = Just Added

This page will be updated as new information comes in from Funko and our other distributors.